20% improvement in spatial plan compliance using TIMining’s Delta


The Antucoya mine closely monitored the short-term spatial compliance plan as a key operational indicator.  During Q1 of 2019, the leadership team sought to improve compliance levels. However, the reconciliation and reporting work was highly time-consuming for the mining planners and engineers, making it difficult to deliver critical information on time.


To solve this problem, the short-term planning team used Delta to systematically control and manage the mine’s compliance plan. What happened next?

  1.  Spatial reconciliations increased from once a month to every week.
  2.  The spatial plan compliance indicator was automated.
  3.  Plan deviations were addressed before they became problems.


By having the information each week rather than at the end of the month, spatial plan compliance improved by more than 20%! Additional benefits included: 

  1. Weekly compliance results helped avoid month-end deviations.
  2. Measurement and reconciliation engineers saved at least one day of work per month.
  3. The calculations are independent of the criteria of the engineer on duty, and so are more standardized and reliable.


“Spatial compliance of the extraction sequence is a high impact variable in the business. The need to obtain rapid results and carry out frequent controls led us to develop a tool that allows us to synthetize measurements from several sources. By way of these indications, we were able to reduce the amount of time required from hours of work to minutes.”
Javier Morales, Senior Mine Planner, Antucoya


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Latest success stories