Remote Operation Centres.

Real-time insights. Real control.

Transform the way you manage your assets and processes from Remote Operation Centres with TIMining AWARE.

TIMining AWARE unlocks the full potential of real-time, data-driven insights. Leading the pack of next generation mining 4.0 software.

We’re not talking about the future anymore. It’s here.”
– Nicolas Jubera, CEO


TIMining AWARE offers a continuous improvement approach that helps mining operations increase overall profitability across their operations

Increases Load & Haul Fleet Performance

Gain real-time insights into load & haul fleet performance. Make quicker reactions, maintain plan compliance, re-work, and manage shift changes.

Operational Efficiency

AWARE provides real-time data and insights into the performance of your equipment and processes, enabling more efficient and cost-effective operations.


Make better, quicker, and more informed decisions based on accurate, up-to-date data from AWARE software.

Increases Mine Plan

With AWARE software, teams can collaborate in real-time and make better decisions in accordance with the mine plan.

Streamlines Mine

AWARE provides a virtual digital twin representation of the mine. Helping to optimize planning, while reducing costs associated with trial and error.

Refines Resource

By monitoring mining operations in a virtual environment, AWARE can help optimize the use of your resources.


AWARE technology can help you to reduce your C1 costs by improving efficiency and enhancing safety across your mining operations.

Stay Ahead
of the Industry

Stay ahead of the curve in the mining industry by adopting AWARE technology. The most advanced digital twin of the mine, designed for Remote Operations Centres.

How much time and money are you
g without TIMining AWARE?

How much time and money are you
losing without TIMining RE?

TIMining AWARE is assisting some of the largest mines around the world achieve operations excellence and greater profitability. AWARE helps Remote Operations Centres navigate problems they face daily through an all-in-one interface.

Our trailblazing software is used to not only comprehend your challenges, but to overcome them. AWARE:


From visualizing your mine in real-time, to better understanding the performance of your truck and drills, AWARE gives you all the tools you need to take your operations to the next level of situational awareness.

clients and partners

The world’s largest mining corporations operate their mines with TIMining software solutions. Corporate agreements, along with IT corporate approvals, facilitate on-time acquisition and implementation of TIMining solutions.

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